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Typical Agency

Expensive lump sum percentages or retainers

No guarantee of an experienced HR professional

Poor process which results in misalignment

Transactional relationship not focusing on your long term needs

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Affordable Hourly Rates (Save 80% on recruitment costs for your business)

Experienced recruiters following a proven process

Full cycle recruitment aligning with your company's core values

Ongoing strategic support for all aspects of your people systems

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“Amber Johnson and her team of professionals at Forge Performance have developed a great partnership with Blackline Safety over the past 3 years. They have transformed our approach towards employee placement, and took the time to understand our company culture, which enabled them to find people that not only had the best skillset for the job but also embodied Blackline’s core values. Forge Performance’s dedication to building strong relationships with the hiring managers to understand the team strengths and dynamics makes this process unique, along with their consistent level of service in a professional manner saves time for the hiring manager. Blackline Safety has undergone extensive growth since our initial partnership with Forge Performance, and this growth would not have been as successful without the Forge Team.”

Sean Stinson
CRO, Blackline Safety

"What a fantastic group of individuals lead by Amber! They worked with us day, night and weekends to support our recruitment needs. We did not give them an easy task for number people we needed in a short amount of time but they pulled through. The Forge team worked well with integrating where they needed to into the existing Front end of our office (being payroll, safety etc) as we were onboarding people.  It was a wild ride! Wish nothing but the best to the Forge team and we will be back!!"

Mike Lyster
Instrumentation Manager / Partner, CDN Controls Ltd.

“Amber & Team have always gone above and beyond to help me find the correct people for my team. They worked with me to define the culture and skillset that I’m looking for, and supported me to grow the team from nothing to +15 people.”

Lohrasp Seify
Former Director of Data Science, Blackline
Now VP Data Analytics, Reachger / Partner, CDN Controls Ltd.

"Amber and her team have been amazing to work with. Forge has been able to scale services to meet our need and all the recruiters have been professional and provide high quality candidates for roles."

Megan Bufton
Head of HR, Arctic Canadian Diamond Company

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