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Your employees are your greatest asset and helping them exceed their potential will benefit you and your business. Whether you need ongoing HR support or need us for a one-time project we can design an optimal plan to achieve your goals. We believe there are three main components to your business, your culture, leadership and people. We focus on enhancing the efficiencies within each component.


Drive your culture with a collective purpose that embodies your organization's mission and values.



Ensure you have the right people leading your team to success.


Hire and retain the right employees while recognizing top performers and providing support to those lacking.

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If your organization is facing high employee turnover, workplace reductions, organizational restructure, poor leadership or low workplace morale Forge Performance can help to achieve measurable results.

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Hourly billing that can save over 80% on recruitment costs

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Following a proven process that is guaranteed to show results

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Our well-rounded team can help with any HR problem your business is facing

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Discover how you can improve areas within in your organization

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Let us manage your most valuable asset, your team

Our HR Experts

Working with your team to improve HR within your business

Amber Johnson

CEO & Owner

Recruiting, Client Relationships, Sourcing, Project Management, HRServices.

Hi I’m Amber! The CEO and owner of Forge Performance Group. I am a high-energy, passionate Senior Human Resources Professional. I have over 10 years of experience in talent acquisition, recruitment, company culture, employee experience and strategic HR management. I have had the opportunity of working with various clients from backgrounds in energy, construction, petroleum, agriculture, oil and gas and healthcare. If your business is looking for external HR professionals, my team and I would like to set up a free consultation to learn more about your goals!

Laura McBride

HR Generalist-Client Services

Laura is an accomplished HR Generalist and her expertise encompasses a dedicated commitment to recruitment, tailored to the unique needs of diverse industries such as tech startups, oil & gas engineering firms, small businesses, and corporate environments. She brings proficiency in HR analytics, leveraging data to derive meaningful insights, inform decision-making, and optimize HR processes for enhanced organizational effectiveness. Specializing in fractional HR Services, Laura seamlessly integrates into clients’ business structures to meet day-to-day HR requirements. Additionally, she is well-versed in overseeing and implementing HR system solutions to streamline processes and ensure optimal efficiency in data management

Throughout her diverse industry journey, she has honed her skills in payroll and benefits administration, employee relations, communications, and onboarding/offboarding processes. She is eager to contribute her diverse skill set, which include HR analytics, system implementations, and a passion for HR, to your team’s success. She believes in creating a harmonious work environment where employees feel heard and valued.

Pepper Chomiak

Talent Specialist

Pepper has an established track record in recruiting and a focus on the mining industry. She is a valuable asset for organizations seeking top-tier talent. Her commitment to excellence, combined with her diverse industry exposure positions her as a trusted partner in the recruitment landscape.Her journey in Human Resources commenced as an HR Coordinator and Onboarding Specialist, where she honed her skills in understanding the intricacies of employee management and engagement. Driven by a passion for people and a natural progression towards talent acquisition, Pepper transitioned into the dynamic world of recruitment. Pepper’s career began with a solid foundation of Human Resources, specializing in in HR Coordination and onboarding processes. With a genuine passion for working with diverse candidates across various organizational levels, Pepper seamlessly transitioned into the recruitment space. Her ability to connect with individuals from all walks of professional life have been a key factor in her success.

Pepper’s recruitment experience extends across diverse industries, showcasing her adaptability and versatility. She possesses the flexibility to navigate diverse talent landscapes and meet the unique demands of the following industries: Manufacturing, Construction, Information Technology (IT), Engineering, Supply Chain, Finance and most notably, Mining (Canada & US).  

Kim Hickson

HR Advisor/Sr. Talent Specialist

Kim is a trusted Recruitment, HR and Workforce Planning leader, successfully leading projects in Canada and the U.S.  Her experience includes strategy development, leadership training, systems, people processes and organization design, recruiting/workforce planning, change management, employee/labour relations and project management.

Kim has worked across many sectors including Energy, Transportation, Environmental, Pipelines, Projects, Nuclear, Non-Profit and Technology.  Her recruitment successes range from individual contributor positions to executive placements. In addition to attending the University of Saskatchewan, Kim has certifications in Change Management, Strategic Workforce Planning, Advanced HR Management, Project Management and Navigational Leadership Coaching.

Nicole Johnson

Sourcing Specialist

With over 20 years of comprehensive experience in Human Resources, Nicole has dedicated the last decade to becoming an accomplished recruiter and sourcing specialist. Her expertise spans a diverse range of industries, including Oil & Gas, Technology, EPC, Agriculture, Energy, Retail, Manufacturing, and Corporate recruiting. As a seasoned professional, Nicole is celebrated for her enthusiasm and trustworthiness as a service-oriented business partner.

She excels in sourcing and attracting top-tier candidates who align seamlessly with core company values. Nicole is recognized for her collaborative and diligent approach, marked by highly effective communication and relationship building abilities. Throughout her career, she has consistently met commitments with integrity, making her a reliable and valued asset in the recruitment landscape.

Clients We've Helped

Customer Testimonials


“Amber Johnson and her team of professionals at Forge Performance have developed a great partnership with Blackline Safety over the past 3 years. They have transformed our approach towards employee placement, and took the time to understand our company culture, which enabled them to find people that not only had the best skillset for the job but also embodied Blackline’s core values. Forge Performance’s dedication to building strong relationships with the hiring managers to understand the team strengths and dynamics makes this process unique, along with their consistent level of service in a professional manner saves time for the hiring manager. Blackline Safety has undergone extensive growth since our initial partnership with Forge Performance, and this growth would not have been as successful without the Forge Team.”

Sean Stinson
CRO, Blackline Safety

"What a fantastic group of individuals lead by Amber! They worked with us day, night and weekends to support our recruitment needs. We did not give them an easy task for number people we needed in a short amount of time but they pulled through. The Forge team worked well with integrating where they needed to into the existing Front end of our office (being payroll, safety etc) as we were onboarding people.  It was a wild ride! Wish nothing but the best to the Forge team and we will be back!!"

Mike Lyster
Instrumentation Manager / Partner, CDN Controls Ltd.

“Amber & Team have always gone above and beyond to help me find the correct people for my team. They worked with me to define the culture and skillset that I’m looking for, and supported me to grow the team from nothing to +15 people.”

Lohrasp Seify
Former Director of Data Science, Blackline
Now VP Data Analytics, Reachger / Partner, CDN Controls Ltd.

"Amber and her team have been amazing to work with. Forge has been able to scale services to meet our need and all the recruiters have been professional and provide high quality candidates for roles."

Megan Bufton
Head of HR, Arctic Canadian Diamond Company

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